Soaps of Fatty Acids

Sodium caprate

Catalog Number: ACM1002626

CAS: 1002-62-6
Molecular Weight: 194.25
Molecular Formula: C10H19NaO2

Sodium caproate

Catalog Number: ACM10051442-1

CAS: 10051-44-2
Molecular Weight: 138.14
Molecular Formula: C6H11NaO2

Sodium heptanoate

Catalog Number: ACM10051453-1

CAS: 10051-45-3
Molecular Weight: 152.17
Molecular Formula: C7H13NaO2

Sodium 11-14-17 eicosatrienoate

Catalog Number: ACM103302165

CAS: 103302-16-5
Molecular Weight: 328.46
Molecular Formula: C20H33NaO2

Sodium propionate

Catalog Number: ACM137406

CAS: 137-40-6
Molecular Weight: 96.06
Molecular Formula: C3H6O2.Na

Sodium nonanoate

Catalog Number: ACM14047600-1

CAS: 14047-60-0
Molecular Weight: 180.22
Molecular Formula: C9H17NaO2

Sodium Oleate

Catalog Number: ACM143191

CAS: 143-19-1
Molecular Weight: 304.44
Molecular Formula: 232-235 °C(lit.)

Sodium butyrate

Catalog Number: ACM156547

CAS: 156-54-7
Molecular Weight: 110.09
Molecular Formula: C4H7NaO2

Sodium caprylate

Catalog Number: ACM1984061

CAS: 1984-06-1
Molecular Weight: 166.19
Molecular Formula: C8H15NaO2
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Sodium 10-undecenoate

Catalog Number: ACM3398332

CAS: 3398-33-2
Molecular Weight: 206.26
Molecular Formula: C11H19NaO2

Sodium palmitate

Catalog Number: ACM408355

CAS: 408-35-5
Molecular Weight: 278.41
Molecular Formula: C16H31NaO2

Sodium ricinoleate

Catalog Number: ACM5323955

CAS: 5323-95-5
Molecular Weight: 320.44
Molecular Formula: C18H33NaO3

Sodium valerate

Catalog Number: ACM6106418

CAS: 6106-41-8
Molecular Weight: 124.11
Molecular Formula: C5H9NaO2

Sodium laurate

Catalog Number: ACM629254

CAS: 629-25-4
Molecular Weight: 222.3
Molecular Formula: C12H23NaO2

Sodium arachidonate

Catalog Number: ACM6610259

CAS: 6610-25-9
Molecular Weight: 326.45
Molecular Formula: C20H31NaO2

Sodium Myristate

Catalog Number: ACM822128

CAS: 822-12-8
Molecular Weight: 250.35
Molecular Formula: C14H27NaO2

Sodium Stearate

Catalog Number: ACM822162

CAS: 822-16-2
Molecular Weight: 306.46
Molecular Formula: C18H35NaO2

Sodium linoleate

Catalog Number: ACM822173

CAS: 822-17-3
Molecular Weight: 302.43
Molecular Formula: C18H31NaO2

Sodium 11-14 eicosadienoate

Catalog Number: ACMA00005078

Molecular Weight: 330.48
Molecular Formula: C20H35NaO2

Sodium undecanoate

Catalog Number: ACMA00005689

Molecular Weight: 208.27
Molecular Formula: C11H21NaO2
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