Organic & Printed Electronics

The picture of biomaterial DNA. The picture shows the structure of biomaterial DNA.Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of different Organic & Printed Electronic related products, including OLED and PLED materials, photons and optical materials, synthesis tools and reagents, printed electronics, matrix and electrode materials, OFET and OPV materials, sublimation materials and liquid crystal materials.

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Printed electronic technology refers to the way in which electronic circuits are deposited in a system by means of inkjet printing or other similar methods. Printed electronics combined printed packaging technology with high value-added electronic industry technology closely and improve product performance and product quality through a comprehensive multi-disciplinary research. At present, the printing electronics has combined with inkjet printing, offset printing, gravure printing, electrostatic printing, screen printing, and a variety of printing technology. Based on a variety of functional thin film electronic materials research, printed electronics are gaining more and more applications in thin film transistor circuits (TFTs), displays, interconnects, photovoltaic cells, sensors and interlocks. The broad range of printed electronics industries also includes conductive ink, electrophoretic displays, OLEDs (organic light emitting displays), thin film optoelectronics, and transistor circuits with memory, including organic, inorganic and compound industries throughout the printed electronics industry.

Organic & Printed Electronics

Organic printing electronic is printing electronic technology based on organic conductive materials, semiconducting materials and other functional materials. Due to conductive polymer materials and polymer films are closely related, organic printing electronic is also known as plastic electronics and related products are thin, light, flexible and environmentally friendly. The organic printing electronics technology enables direct integration of a wide variety of electrical components through a low-cost roll-to-roll process. Organic printing electronics has opened up a number of new products and applications, including mobile and fixed use of organic photovoltaic cells (OPV), consumer products with organic storage devices, brand protection and logistics printing RFID (i.e., radio frequency identification, commonly known as electronic tags), mobile devices for flexible batteries, organic thin film crystals (OTFT) backplanes, and organic sensors for disposable equipment using intelligent devices.

Organic printing electronics, compared to traditional production methods, show advantages in improving production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce costs and other aspects, indicating that organic electronics may lead to explosive applications.

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