Metal Nanomaterials

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Metal nanomaterials are metal materials in which at least one dimension is at the nanoscale or as a basic unit. Metal nanomaterials have good mechanical properties, surface effect, small size effect, Kubo effect, macroscopic quantum tunneling effect, atom diffusion behavior, catalytic and hydrogen storage properties.

Metal Nanomaterials


  • Cobalt (Co) high density magnetic recording material. With the advantages of high recording density, high coercivity (up to 119.4Ka/m), high signal to noise ratio (SNR) and good oxidation resistance, the properties of magnetic tape and large capacity hard disk can be greatly improved.

  • Metal nano powder has special absorption effect on electromagnetic wave, and can be used as absorbing material, which has the advantages of wide frequency band, good compatibility, low quality and thin thickness.

  • High efficiency catalyst. The usual metal nanomaterials such as iron, copper, nickel, palladium, platinum and other nanoparticles can greatly improve the catalytic effect.

  • Conductive paste. The use of nano copper powder instead of precious metal powder to prepare electronic slurry with superior performance, can greatly reduce costs. This technology can promote the further optimization of microelectronic process.

  • High efficiency combustion supporting agent. The combustion temperature and combustion efficiency of the fuel can be greatly improved by adding nano nickel powder into the solid rocket propellant.

  • High hardness, wear-resistant WC-Co nanocomposites. The nanostructured WC-Co has been used as a protective coating and cutting tool. This is because the nano structure WC-Co is superior to the ordinary coarse grained materials in hardness, wear resistance and toughness.

  • Al-based nanocomposites.

  • The preparation of metal nanoparticles and their application in enzyme biosensors are also in progress. High energy ball milling or chemical synthesis WC-Co nano alloy has been industrialized.

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