Palladium series catalysts

XPhos Pd G1

Catalog Number: ACM1028206565

CAS: 1028206-56-5
Molecular Weight: 738.774g/mol
Molecular Formula: C41H59ClNPPd;

Palladium pivalate

Catalog Number: ACM106224366

CAS: 106224-36-6
Molecular Weight: 308.67g/mol
Molecular Formula: C10H18O4Pd;

tBuXPhos Pd G1

Catalog Number: ACM1142811128-1

CAS: 1142811-12-8
Molecular Weight: 686.7
Molecular Formula: C37H55ClNPPd

Dichloro[(R)-(+)-2,2'-bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1'-binaphthyl]palladium(II), min. 98%

Catalog Number: ACM115826954

CAS: 115826-95-4
Molecular Weight: 800.008g/mol
Molecular Formula: C44H32Cl2P2Pd;

Allylpalladium(II) chloride dimer

Catalog Number: ACM12012952

CAS: 12012-95-2
Molecular Weight: 365.886g/mol
Molecular Formula: C6H10Cl2Pd2;

(2-Methylallyl)palladium(II) chloride dimer

Catalog Number: ACM12081184

CAS: 12081-18-4
Molecular Weight: 393.94
Molecular Formula: [CH2=C(CH3)CH2PdCl]2


Catalog Number: ACM12107561-2

CAS: 12107-56-1
Molecular Weight: 285.51
Molecular Formula: C8H12Cl2Pd

Palladium(II)(π-cinnamyl) Chloride Dimer

Catalog Number: ACM12131441

CAS: 12131-44-1
Molecular Weight: 518.082g/mol
Molecular Formula: C18H18Cl2Pd2;

Palladium hydroxide

Catalog Number: ACM12135227-1

CAS: 12135-22-7
Molecular Weight: 140.43
Molecular Formula: H2O2Pd


Catalog Number: ACM12317463

CAS: 12317-46-3
Molecular Weight: 269.461g/mol
Molecular Formula: C7H8Cl2Pd;

Dichloro[(S)-(-)-2,2'-bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1'-binaphthyl]palladium(II), min. 98%

Catalog Number: ACM127593286

CAS: 127593-28-6
Molecular Weight: 800.008g/mol
Molecular Formula: C44H32Cl2P2Pd;

XPhos Pd G2

Catalog Number: ACM1310584145-1

CAS: 1310584-14-5
Molecular Weight: 785.79
Molecular Formula: C45H58ClNPPd

Tetraamminepalladium(II) hydrogencarbonate

Catalog Number: ACM134620001

CAS: 134620-00-1
Molecular Weight: 296.576g/mol
Molecular Formula: C2H14N4O6Pd;

Tetraamminepalladium(II) sulfate

Catalog Number: ACM13601064-1

CAS: 13601-06-4
Molecular Weight: 270.6
Molecular Formula: H12N4O4PdS

Tetraamminepalladium(II) Nitrate

Catalog Number: ACM13601086

CAS: 13601-08-6
Molecular Weight: 298.552g/mol
Molecular Formula: H12N6O6Pd;

SPhos Pd G2

Catalog Number: ACM1375325646-1

CAS: 1375325-64-6
Molecular Weight: 719.61
Molecular Formula: C38H44ClNO2PPd

RuPhos Pd G2

Catalog Number: ACM1375325680-2

CAS: 1375325-68-0
Molecular Weight: 776.73
Molecular Formula: C42H53ClNO2PPd
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