Cholesteryl Esters

Cholesteryl Palmitelaidate

Catalog Number: ACM102679721

CAS: 102679-72-1
Molecular Weight: 623.05
Molecular Formula: C43H74O2

Cholesterol caproate

Catalog Number: ACM1062960

CAS: 1062-96-0
Molecular Weight: 484.8
Molecular Formula: C33H56O2

Cholesterol heptanoate

Catalog Number: ACM1182076

CAS: 1182-07-6
Molecular Weight: 498.8
Molecular Formula: C34H58O2

Cholesteryl caprylate

Catalog Number: ACM1182429

CAS: 1182-42-9
Molecular Weight: 512.85
Molecular Formula: C35H60O2

Cholesteryl nonanoate

Catalog Number: ACM1182667

CAS: 1182-66-7
Molecular Weight: 526.88
Molecular Formula: C36H62O2

Cholesteryl caprate

Catalog Number: ACM1183046

CAS: 1183-04-6
Molecular Weight: 540.9
Molecular Formula: C37H64O2

Cholesteryl palmitoleate

Catalog Number: ACM16711663

CAS: 16711-66-3
Molecular Weight: 623.1
Molecular Formula: C43H74O2

Cholesteryl laurate

Catalog Number: ACM1908118

CAS: 1908-11-8
Molecular Weight: 568.96
Molecular Formula: C39H68O2

Cholesteryl Elaidate

Catalog Number: ACM19485768

CAS: 19485-76-8
Molecular Weight: 651.1
Molecular Formula: C45H78O2

Cholesteryl myristate

Catalog Number: ACM1989522

CAS: 1989-52-2
Molecular Weight: 597.01
Molecular Formula: C41H72O2

Cholesteryl heptadecanoate

Catalog Number: ACM24365375

CAS: 24365-37-5
Molecular Weight: 639.09
Molecular Formula: C44H78O2

Cholesteryl undecanoate

Catalog Number: ACM24385248

CAS: 24385-24-8
Molecular Weight: 554.94
Molecular Formula: C38H66O2

Cholesteryl erucate

Catalog Number: ACM24516390

CAS: 24516-39-0
Molecular Weight: 707.21
Molecular Formula: C49H86O2

Cholesteryl nonadecanoate

Catalog Number: ACM25605907

CAS: 25605-90-7
Molecular Weight: 667.2
Molecular Formula: C46H82O2

Cholesteryl arachidate

Catalog Number: ACM2573037

CAS: 2573-03-7
Molecular Weight: 681.2
Molecular Formula: C47H84O2

Cholesteryl Oleate

Catalog Number: ACM303435

CAS: 303-43-5
Molecular Weight: 651.12
Molecular Formula: C45H78O2

Cholesteryl Stearate

Catalog Number: ACM35602698

CAS: 35602-69-8
Molecular Weight: 653.12
Molecular Formula: C45H80O2

Cholesterol butyrate

Catalog Number: ACM521131

CAS: 521-13-1
Molecular Weight: 456.8
Molecular Formula: C31H52O2


Catalog Number: ACM57885

CAS: 57-88-5
Molecular Weight: 386.66
Molecular Formula: C27H46O

Cholesteryl Palmitate

Catalog Number: ACM601343

CAS: 601-34-3
Molecular Weight: 625.06
Molecular Formula: C43H76O2
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