Precious Metal Catalysts Recovery and Refining

Precious metal catalysts  recovery and refining flow diagram

Many reactions are catalyzed by a variety of heterogeneous or homogeneous precious metal catalysts. Hence, precious metal catalysts play an unique role in many fields. Sence precious metal catalysts are a very scarce resource, the precious metal catalysts recovery and refining process plays a significant role in this area. With excellent experience in precious metal catalysts, Alfa Chemistry has committed to providing relevant services for customers, especially industrial precious metals waste recycling refining services. Including heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts in petrochemical and chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries; precious metal alloy in nitrate, fiberglass and jewelry industries; reforming catalyst in petroleum refining and other precious metals recycling.

So far, Alfa Chemistry has overcame a series of technical problems through scientific and technological experiments while capturing the environmental problems in the recovery process. And we got desired fresh catalysts with high recovery rate. For example, currently our company made breakthrough progress in recycling rhodium octoate catalyst waste materials to get fresh rhodium catalysts. Our pathway owed the company’s cost and improved economic efficiency.

In our metal refinery the fresh catalysts will be extracted from the precious metal waste materials via destroying the raw materials with a series of steps. The brief steps are shown in the figure 1. Throughout the process, we will strictly enforce the recovery craft in pursuit of higher metal recovery rates.

Precious metal catalysts  recovery and refining flow diagram Figure 1. Precious metal catalysts recovery and refining flow diagram

We focus our endeavours on researching, to improve our craft and increase our recovery rate. All the existing quality requirements are respected strictly and whole process is done in a environmentally frindly way. If you are looking for a suit supplier to recovery precious metals, please contact us without hesitate. Alfa Chemistry will listen carefully about your needs, and reply each promptly and efficiently.

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