Microalgae Powder Production

Microalgae Powder and Related Natural Extract Production Service

ALFA CHEMISTRY is a high-tech company specializing in cultivation of microalgae powder and manufacture of related natural extract, and also providing market and excellent technical service. We own over 75 patents in the fields of breeding, cultivation, processing and extract, serving the clients from feed, food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields.

ALFA CHEMISTRY commits to researching & developing and has selected approximately 450 microalgae strains with specially optimized characteristics to be highly productive. Our major products include Nannochloropsis powder, Haematococcuspluvialis powder, Dunaliellasalina powder, Schizochyrium powder, Spirulina powder, Chlorella powder, DHA, EPA, β-carotene and astaxanthin,etc.

Currently, ALFA CHEMISTRY has an annual production ability of over 2000 tons of microalgae and related natural extracts. With various forms of microalgae products, the professional team of ALFA CHEMISTRY has the ability to meet the massive specified needs from all over the world.

Microalgae Powder Production

24 hours*7 customer service and prompt reply upon request

Free samples and certificate of analysis

Professional technical support

Rigid quality control

Customized microalgae products, packing and dosage form

Competitive price

Timely shipment

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