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All the products listed here are very hot in our company. We provided these products to customers around the world. Almost all of the products are in stock. And we can deliver the products to you within 5-7 business days.

If the product is not available on the market, we also provide customized projects to synthesize the desired products according to your requirements. We’ve successfully accomplished complicated synthesis projects such as making PEG linkers, insect pheromones, steroidal compounds and etc.. Our strict QC assessment always guarantee our products’ quality and clients satisfaction. We promise we will provide HMR, HPCL and COA to you for quality confirmation before the order can be released. We have already successfully provided the customer services to many famous companies like Pfizer, Amgen, GSK, Roche, BASF, Dow 3M and DuPont ect..

Our mission is to offer high-quality chemicals and the most satisfying customer support. Whether you’re searching for bulky-quantity products in industrial applications, or special chemicals rarely found on the market, Alfa Chemistry is always the right choice for you. Experienced in supplying various dyes, ionic liquids, catalysts, fluorinated or organic building blocks, surfactants, even precious metal catalysts, our quality standard has been tested and our name stands for trust.


Catalog Number: ACM1000413728

CAS: 1000413-72-8
Molecular Weight: 524.62518
Molecular Formula: C29H32O7S

Zinc isopropylxanthate

Catalog Number: ACM1000904

CAS: 1000-90-4
Molecular Weight: 335.85
Molecular Formula: C8H14O2S4Zn


Catalog Number: ACM100107

CAS: 100-10-7
Molecular Weight: 149.19
Molecular Formula: C9H11NO


Catalog Number: ACM1002273

CAS: 1002-27-3
Molecular Weight: 94.15
Molecular Formula: C7H10

Morpholine HydroChloride

Catalog Number: ACM10024892-1

CAS: 10024-89-2
Molecular Weight: 123.58 g/mol
Molecular Formula: C4H9NO•HCl

Indium(III) Chloride

Catalog Number: ACM10025828

CAS: 10025-82-8
Molecular Weight: 221
Molecular Formula: InCl3


Catalog Number: ACM10031900

CAS: 10031-90-0
Molecular Weight: 168.19
Molecular Formula: C9H12O3

Calcium sulfate hemihydrate

Catalog Number: ACM10034761-1

CAS: 10034-76-1
Molecular Weight: 290.3
Molecular Formula: CaH₂O5S

Magnesium perchlorate

Catalog Number: ACM10034818

CAS: 10034-81-8
Molecular Weight: 223.2
Molecular Formula: 2ClO4.Mg

Manganese sulfate monohydrate

Catalog Number: ACM10034965

CAS: 10034-96-5
Molecular Weight: 169.02
Molecular Formula: H2MnO5S


Catalog Number: ACM100403198

CAS: 100403-19-8
Molecular Weight: 397.63
Molecular Formula: C24H47NO3

Sodium picosulfate

Catalog Number: ACM10040456

CAS: 10040-45-6
Molecular Weight: 481.41
Molecular Formula: C18H13NNa2O8S2


Catalog Number: ACM1004359

CAS: 1004-35-9
Molecular Weight: 122.58
Molecular Formula: C3H12B3N3

potassium phenolate

Catalog Number: ACM100674

CAS: 100-67-4
Molecular Weight: 132.20
Molecular Formula: C6H5KO


Catalog Number: ACM100721

CAS: 100-72-1
Molecular Weight: 116.16
Molecular Formula: C6H12O2


Catalog Number: ACM10087646

CAS: 10087-64-6
Molecular Weight: 132.16
Molecular Formula: C8H8N2

Manganese violet

Catalog Number: ACM10101663

CAS: 10101-66-3
Molecular Weight: 246.92
Molecular Formula: H4MnNO7P2

Sodium Sulfite Heptahydrate

Catalog Number: ACM10102155

CAS: 10102-15-5
Molecular Weight: 252.15
Molecular Formula: H14Na2O10S

Ferrous arsenate

Catalog Number: ACM10102508

CAS: 10102-50-8
Molecular Weight: 445.37
Molecular Formula: As2Fe3O8


Catalog Number: ACM101168881

CAS: 101168-88-1
Molecular Weight: 240.29
Molecular Formula: C16H16O2
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