Sulfonylation Reagents


Catalog Number: ACM117632845-1

CAS: 117632-84-5
Molecular Weight: 251.19
Molecular Formula: C7H4F3N3O2S


Catalog Number: ACM13578513-1

CAS: 13578-51-3
Molecular Weight: 223.25
Molecular Formula: C9H9N3O2S


Catalog Number: ACM145100501

CAS: 145100-50-1
Molecular Weight: 358.24
Molecular Formula: C7H4F6N2O4S2


Catalog Number: ACM145100512

CAS: 145100-51-2
Molecular Weight: 392.68
Molecular Formula: C7H3ClF6N2O4S2

4-Nitrophenyl trifluoromethanesulfonate

Catalog Number: ACM17763803

CAS: 17763-80-3
Molecular Weight: 271.17
Molecular Formula: C7H4F3NO5S


Catalog Number: ACM2232088-1

CAS: 2232-08-8
Molecular Weight: 222.26
Molecular Formula: C10H10N2O2S


Catalog Number: ACM29540816-1

CAS: 29540-81-6
Molecular Weight: 200.14
Molecular Formula: C4H3F3N2O2S

Chloromethanesulfonyl chloride

Catalog Number: ACM3518658

CAS: 3518-65-8
Molecular Weight: 149
Molecular Formula: CH2Cl2O2S

Trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride

Catalog Number: ACM358236

CAS: 358-23-6
Molecular Weight: 282.14
Molecular Formula: C2F6O5S2


Catalog Number: ACM37595747-1

CAS: 37595-74-7
Molecular Weight: 357.2422
Molecular Formula: C8H5F6NO4S2

P-Toluenesulfonic anhydride

Catalog Number: ACM4124418-1

CAS: 4124-41-8
Molecular Weight: 326.39
Molecular Formula: C14H14O5S2


Catalog Number: ACM456644

CAS: 456-64-4
Molecular Weight: 225.19
Molecular Formula: C7H6F3NO2S

Benzenesulfonic Anhydride

Catalog Number: ACM512356

CAS: 512-35-6
Molecular Weight: 298.33
Molecular Formula: C12H10O5S2

Benzene-1,3-disulfonyl chloride

Catalog Number: ACM585477-1

CAS: 585-47-7
Molecular Weight: 275.13
Molecular Formula: C6H4Cl2O4S2

1,2-Benzenedisulfonyl Dichloride

Catalog Number: ACM6461763-1

CAS: 6461-76-3
Molecular Weight: 275.13
Molecular Formula: C6H4Cl2O4S2

2,4,6-Triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl chloride

Catalog Number: ACM6553964

CAS: 6553-96-4
Molecular Weight: 302.86
Molecular Formula: C15H23ClO2S

Pentafluorobenzenesulfonyl chloride

Catalog Number: ACM832531

CAS: 832-53-1
Molecular Weight: 266.57
Molecular Formula: C6ClF5O2S
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