Silver series of catalysts

Silver citrate

Catalog Number: ACM126454

CAS: 126-45-4
Molecular Weight: 512.7
Molecular Formula: C6H5Ag3O7

Silver diethyldithiocarbamate

Catalog Number: ACM1470617-1

CAS: 1470-61-7
Molecular Weight: 256.1
Molecular Formula: C5H10AgNS2


Catalog Number: ACM14783007

CAS: 14783-00-7
Molecular Weight: 352.07
Molecular Formula: C12H8AgN2O4

Silver bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide

Catalog Number: ACM189114612-1

CAS: 189114-61-2
Molecular Weight: 388.02
Molecular Formula: C2AgF6NO4S2

Silver methanesulfonate

Catalog Number: ACM2386529

CAS: 2386-52-9
Molecular Weight: 202.96g/mol
Molecular Formula: CH3AgO3S;


Catalog Number: ACM2489056

CAS: 2489-05-6
Molecular Weight: 447.44
Molecular Formula: C22H43AgO2

Silver trifluoromethanesulfonate

Catalog Number: ACM2923286-1

CAS: 2923-28-6
Molecular Weight: 256.94
Molecular Formula: CAgF3O3S


Catalog Number: ACM55047820

CAS: 55047-82-0
Molecular Weight: 205.94826
Molecular Formula: C4H4AgNO2
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