Gold series of catalysts

Bis(chlorogold(I)) [1,1'-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene]

Catalog Number: ACM122092517

CAS: 122092-51-7
Molecular Weight: 1019.224g/mol
Molecular Formula: C34H28Au2Cl2FeP2;

Gold(III)oxide hydrate

Catalog Number: ACM12512297

CAS: 12512-29-7
Molecular Weight: 441.93 (anhydrous basis)
Molecular Formula: Au2O3·xH2O

(Triphenylphosphine)gold(I) Chloride

Catalog Number: ACM14243642

CAS: 14243-64-2
Molecular Weight: 494.708g/mol
Molecular Formula: C18H15AuClP;


Catalog Number: ACM14911014

CAS: 14911-01-4
Molecular Weight: 382.419g/mol
Molecular Formula: C5H5AuCl3N;

Auric sodium Chloride

Catalog Number: ACM15189512

CAS: 15189-51-2
Molecular Weight: 397.8
Molecular Formula: NaAuCl4·2H₂O


Catalog Number: ACM15278974-1

CAS: 15278-97-4
Molecular Weight: 308.5
Molecular Formula: C3H9AuClP


Catalog Number: ACM15529905

CAS: 15529-90-5
Molecular Weight: 350.576g/mol
Molecular Formula: C6H15AuClP;


Catalog Number: ACM156397476

CAS: 156397-47-6
Molecular Weight: 608.33
Molecular Formula: C19H15AuF3O3PS


Catalog Number: ACM18024345

CAS: 18024-34-5
Molecular Weight: 863.259g/mol
Molecular Formula: C26H24Au2Cl2P2;

Gold sodium sulphite

Catalog Number: ACM19153981

CAS: 19153-98-1
Molecular Weight: 426.06
Molecular Formula: Na3[Au(SO3)2]


Catalog Number: ACM23108727-1

CAS: 23108-72-7
Molecular Weight: 474.3
Molecular Formula: C19H18AuP


Catalog Number: ACM28978098

CAS: 28978-09-8
Molecular Weight: 370.566g/mol
Molecular Formula: C8H11AuClP;


Catalog Number: ACM28978101

CAS: 28978-10-1
Molecular Weight: 536.789g/mol
Molecular Formula: C21H21AuClP;


Catalog Number: ACM29892373-1

CAS: 29892-37-3
Molecular Weight: 294.55
Molecular Formula: C2H6AuClS


Catalog Number: ACM33659459

CAS: 33659-45-9
Molecular Weight: 392.657g/mol
Molecular Formula: C9H21AuClP;

[μ-Bis(diphenylphosphino)methane]dichlorodigold(I), 99%

Catalog Number: ACM37095275

CAS: 37095-27-5
Molecular Weight: 849.232g/mol
Molecular Formula: C25H22Au2Cl2P2;


Catalog Number: ACM385815838

CAS: 385815-83-8
Molecular Weight: 698.703g/mol
Molecular Formula: C21H12AuClF9P;


Catalog Number: ACM38686383

CAS: 38686-38-3
Molecular Weight: 432.637g/mol
Molecular Formula: C13H13AuClP;


Catalog Number: ACM50960822

CAS: 50960-82-2
Molecular Weight: 260.427g/mol
Molecular Formula: CAuClO;

Tris(triphenylphosphinegold)oxonium tetrafluoroborate

Catalog Number: ACM53317876-1

CAS: 53317-87-6
Molecular Weight: 1483.6
Molecular Formula: C54H48Au3BF4OP3
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