Carbon Nanotube Nanomaterials

Carbon Nanotube Nanomaterials

Alfa Chemistry offers a powerful range of carbon nanotube nanomaterials, including:

  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Purified Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes
  • Carbon Nanotube Sponges
  • Oriented Carbon Nanotube Array

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Carbon nanotubes, also known as the Pakistani tube, are a one-dimensional quantum material with a special structure (radial dimensions are in the order of nanometer, the axial dimension is in the order of microns, and both ends of the tube are substantially sealed). Carbon nanotubes are mainly composed of hexagonal carbon atoms, which constitute several layers to dozens of layers of coaxial tube. There is a fixed distance, about 0.34nm, between the layer and the layer. The diameter is generally 2 ~ 20 nm. According to the different orientation of the carbon hexagon, carbon nanotubes can be divided into three types: zigzag, armchair and spiral. Among them, the helical carbon nanotubes have chirality, while the zigzag and armchair carbon nanotubes have no chirality.

Carbon Nanotube Nanomaterials


Mechanics: Due to the hybridization of carbon atoms in carbon nanotubes, compared with SP3 hybridization, the S-orbital components of SP2 hybrid are relatively large, so that carbon nanotubes have high modulus and high strength.

Conductivity: P electrons of carbon atoms on carbon nanotubes form a large range of delocalized π bonds. Due to the significant conjugation effect, the carbon nanotubes have some special electrical properties.

Thermal conductivity: Carbon nanotubes have good heat transfer performance, CNTs have a very large aspect ratio, so that their heat transfer performance along the length direction is high. Its heat exchange performance in vertical direction is relatively low. Through proper orientation, carbon nanotubes can be used to synthesize highly anisotropic heat conducting materials. In addition, carbon nanotubes have a high thermal conductivity, as long as the composite material is doped with trace carbon nanotubes, the composite thermal conductivity will likely be greatly improved.

Others: Carbon nanotubes also have other good properties such as optical properties.


  1. Super capacitor: Carbon nanotubes can be used as electric double layer capacitor electrode material.
  2. Catalyst carrier: Carbon nanotube has a large specific surface area and a large atomic ratio (about 50% of the total number of atoms). The electronic structure and crystal structure of the system are obviously changed, showing a special electronic effect and surface effect. The activity and selectivity of the catalyst can be greatly improved by loading the catalyst.
  3. Hydrogen storage materials: The presence of hydroxyl groups on the surface of carbon nanotubes can be bonded to certain cations, thereby achieving apparent adsorption of metal ions or organic matter. In addition, the carbon nanotube particles have a large specific surface area, which is an important reason for the adsorption of carbon nanotubes.
  4. Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell: Carbon nanotube fuel cell is the most development potential of the new car power source. The fuel cell generate electricity through the consumption of hydrogen. Because the exhaust gas is water vapor, so there is no pollution.
  5. The application of carbon nanotubes in composite materials: Carbon nanotubes not only has size effect, but also has high mechanical strength, good flexibility, high conductivity and other unique properties, becoming the ideal reinforcement of polymer composites, is widely used in chemical industry, machinery, electronics, aviation, aerospace and other fields.
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