Non-ionic Surfactants

2-[Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)Amino]Ethyl Stearate

Catalog Number: ACM10248745

CAS: 10248-74-5
Molecular Weight: 415.65016
Molecular Formula: C24H49NO4


Catalog Number: ACM111035

CAS: 111-03-5
Molecular Weight: 356.54
Molecular Formula: C21H40O4

1-Glyceryl Caprate

Catalog Number: ACM11139881

CAS: 11139-88-1
Molecular Weight: 246.34314
Molecular Formula: C13H26O4

Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate

Catalog Number: ACM115833

CAS: 115-83-3
Molecular Weight: 1202.01
Molecular Formula: C77H148O8

Acetylated Sucrose Distearate

Catalog Number: ACM121684922

CAS: 121684-92-2


Catalog Number: ACM122327

CAS: 122-32-7
Molecular Weight: 885.43
Molecular Formula: C57H104O6

Poe (2) Oleyl Amine

Catalog Number: ACM13127827

CAS: 13127-82-7

Glycerol Monohydroxystearate

Catalog Number: ACM1323428

CAS: 1323-42-8
Molecular Weight: 374.56
Molecular Formula: C21H42O5

Span 20

Catalog Number: ACM1338392

CAS: 1338-39-2
Molecular Weight: 346.46
Molecular Formula: C18H34O6

Span 60

Catalog Number: ACM1338416-3

CAS: 1338-41-6
Molecular Weight: 430.62
Molecular Formula: C24H46O6

Span 80

Catalog Number: ACM1338438-3

CAS: 1338-43-8
Molecular Weight: 428.6
Molecular Formula: C24H44O6

Isooctyl Palmitate

Catalog Number: ACM1341384

CAS: 1341-38-4
Molecular Weight: 368.64
Molecular Formula: C24H48O2


Catalog Number: ACM142187

CAS: 142-18-7
Molecular Weight: 274.40
Molecular Formula: C15H30O4

Sorbitan monopalmitate

Catalog Number: ACM26266579-2

CAS: 26266-57-9
Molecular Weight: 402.6
Molecular Formula: C22H42O6

Sorbitan Trioleate

Catalog Number: ACM26266580

CAS: 26266-58-0
Molecular Weight: 957.49
Molecular Formula: C60H108O8


Catalog Number: ACM26402266

CAS: 26402-26-6
Molecular Weight: 218.29
Molecular Formula: C11H22O4

Sorbitan Tristearate

Catalog Number: ACM26658195

CAS: 26658-19-5
Molecular Weight: 963.54
Molecular Formula: C60H114O8

Sucrose distearate

Catalog Number: ACM27195160

CAS: 27195-16-0
Molecular Weight: 875.22
Molecular Formula: C48H90O13


Catalog Number: ACM27214386

CAS: 27214-38-6
Molecular Weight: 302.45
Molecular Formula: C17H34O4


Catalog Number: ACM27638002

CAS: 27638-00-2
Molecular Weight: 456.7
Molecular Formula: C27H52O5
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