Platinum series of catalysts


Catalog Number: ACM10199345

CAS: 10199-34-5
Molecular Weight: 790.57
Molecular Formula: Pt[(C6H5)3P]2Cl2

Dihydrogen dinitrosulfatoplatinate(II)

Catalog Number: ACM12033817-1

CAS: 12033-81-7
Molecular Weight: 385.18
Molecular Formula: H2N2O8PtS


Catalog Number: ACM12073368

CAS: 12073-36-8
Molecular Weight: 588.1
Molecular Formula: C4H8Cl4Pt2


Catalog Number: ACM12080329-2

CAS: 12080-32-9
Molecular Weight: 374.18
Molecular Formula: C8H12Cl2Pt


Catalog Number: ACM12083920

CAS: 12083-92-0
Molecular Weight: 396.174g/mol
Molecular Formula: C10H10Cl2Pt;

Platinum hydroxide

Catalog Number: ACM12135238

CAS: 12135-23-8
Molecular Weight: 229.09
Molecular Formula: Pt(OH)2


Catalog Number: ACM12145481-1

CAS: 12145-48-1
Molecular Weight: 463.07
Molecular Formula: C8H12Br2Pt


Catalog Number: ACM12176533

CAS: 12176-53-3
Molecular Weight: 696.26
Molecular Formula: [Pt2(C6H10Cl)2]Cl2


Catalog Number: ACM12266727-1

CAS: 12266-72-7
Molecular Weight: 557.07
Molecular Formula: C8H12I2Pt


Catalog Number: ACM12266921

CAS: 12266-92-1
Molecular Weight: 333.338g/mol
Molecular Formula: C10H18Pt;


Catalog Number: ACM12277882

CAS: 12277-88-2
Molecular Weight: 457.47
Molecular Formula: C20H22Pt

Potassium hexahydroxyplatinate(IV)

Catalog Number: ACM12285904

CAS: 12285-90-4
Molecular Weight: 375.34
Molecular Formula: K2Pt(OH)6


Catalog Number: ACM1271074

CAS: 1271-07-4
Molecular Weight: 305.28
Molecular Formula: C8H14Pt

Tetraammineplatinum acetate

Catalog Number: ACM127733975-1

CAS: 127733-97-5
Molecular Weight: 381.29
Molecular Formula: PtN4H18C4O4

Tetraammineplatinum(II)hydrogen phosphate

Catalog Number: ACM127733986

CAS: 127733-98-6
Molecular Weight: 359.18
Molecular Formula: Pt(NH3)4HPO4


Catalog Number: ACM13820467

CAS: 13820-46-7
Molecular Weight: 600.12
Molecular Formula: [Pt(NH3)4][PtCl4]


Catalog Number: ACM13869380-1

CAS: 13869-38-0
Molecular Weight: 348.09
Molecular Formula: C4H6Cl2N2Pt

Dichloro tetraamine platinum

Catalog Number: ACM13933329

CAS: 13933-32-9
Molecular Weight: 334.1
Molecular Formula: Pt(NH₃)4Cl2

Tetraammineplatinum(II)chloride monohydrate

Catalog Number: ACM13933330

CAS: 13933-33-0
Molecular Weight: 352.13
Molecular Formula: Pt(NH3)4Cl2·H2O


Catalog Number: ACM14096516-1

CAS: 14096-51-6
Molecular Weight: 326.08
Molecular Formula: C2H8Cl2N2Pt
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