Fatty Acetates

13-Docosen-1-ol,acetate, (13Z)- (9CI)

Catalog Number: ACM103213576

CAS: 103213-57-6
Molecular Weight: 366.81
Molecular Formula: C24H46O2

Tridecyl Acetate

Catalog Number: ACM1072339

CAS: 1072-33-9
Molecular Weight: 242.40
Molecular Formula: C15H30O2

Octyl Acetate

Catalog Number: ACM112141

CAS: 112-14-1
Molecular Weight: 172.26
Molecular Formula: C10H20O2

N-decyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM112174

CAS: 112-17-4
Molecular Weight: 200.32
Molecular Formula: C12H24O2

10-Undecen-1-yl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM112196

CAS: 112-19-6
Molecular Weight: 212.35
Molecular Formula: C13H24O2

Dodecyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM112663

CAS: 112-66-3
Molecular Weight: 228.37
Molecular Formula: C14H28O2

Nonyl Acetate

Catalog Number: ACM143135

CAS: 143-13-5
Molecular Weight: 186.30
Molecular Formula: C11H22O2

Nonadecyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM1577431

CAS: 1577-43-1
Molecular Weight: 326.55
Molecular Formula: C21H42O2

(Z)-9-Tetradecenyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM16725534

CAS: 16725-53-4
Molecular Weight: 254.41g/mol
Molecular Formula: C16H30O2

Undecyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM1731813

CAS: 1731-81-3
Molecular Weight: 214.34
Molecular Formula: C13H26O2

9Z-Hexadecenyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM34010203

CAS: 34010-20-3
Molecular Weight: 282.46
Molecular Formula: C18H34O2

11-Dodecenyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM35153107

CAS: 35153-10-7
Molecular Weight: 226.35g/mol
Molecular Formula: C14H26O2

9E-Hexadecenyl Acetate

Catalog Number: ACM56218690

CAS: 56218-69-0
Molecular Weight: 282.468
Molecular Formula: C18H34O2

5z,8z,11z,14z-arachidonyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM56663399

CAS: 56663-39-9
Molecular Weight: 332.52
Molecular Formula: C22H36O2

9z,12z-Octadecadienyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM5999951

CAS: 5999-95-1
Molecular Weight: 308.5
Molecular Formula: C20H36O2

11-Cis vaccenyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM6186987

CAS: 6186-98-7
Molecular Weight: 310.51
Molecular Formula: C20H38O2

Pentadecyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM629583

CAS: 629-58-3
Molecular Weight: 270.46
Molecular Formula: C17H34O2

Palmityl Acetate

Catalog Number: ACM629709

CAS: 629-70-9
Molecular Weight: 284.48
Molecular Formula: C18H36O2

Myristyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM638595

CAS: 638-59-5
Molecular Weight: 256.42
Molecular Formula: C16H32O2

(z)-10-Pentadecenyl acetate

Catalog Number: ACM64437430

CAS: 64437-43-0
Molecular Weight: 268.45
Molecular Formula: C17H32O2
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