Tritylation (Tr) Reagents

4-Methoxytriphenylmethyl chloride

Catalog Number: ACM14470281

CAS: 14470-28-1
Molecular Weight: 308.8
Molecular Formula: C20H17ClO

4,4'-Dimethoxytriphenylmethyl chloride

Catalog Number: ACM40615369-1

CAS: 40615-36-9
Molecular Weight: 338.83
Molecular Formula: C21H19ClO2


Catalog Number: ACM55135665-1

CAS: 55135-66-5
Molecular Weight: 321.21
Molecular Formula: C19H13Br


Catalog Number: ACM596430

CAS: 596-43-0
Molecular Weight: 323.23
Molecular Formula: C19H15Br

4,4',4''-Tris(benzoyloxy)trityl Bromide

Catalog Number: ACM86610664

CAS: 86610-66-4
Molecular Weight: 683.54
Molecular Formula: C40H27BrO6
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