Sodium valerate

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Heterocyclic Organic Compound; Soaps of Fatty Acids
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Valeric acid sodium salt
Sodium Derivative Of
What is the molecular formula of Sodium valerate?

The molecular formula of Sodium valerate is C5H9NaO2.

What is the molecular weight of Sodium valerate?

The molecular weight of Sodium valerate is 124.11 g/mol.

When was Sodium valerate created in PubChem?

Sodium valerate was created in PubChem on September 10, 2005.

What are some synonyms for Sodium valerate?

Some synonyms for Sodium valerate include Sodium pentanoate, Sodium valerate 6106-41-8, and Valeric Acid Sodium Salt.

What is the Canonical SMILES representation of Sodium valerate?

The Canonical SMILES representation of Sodium valerate is CCCCC(=O)[O-].[Na+].

How many Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count does Sodium valerate have?

Sodium valerate has 2 Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count.

What is the exact mass of Sodium valerate?

The exact mass of Sodium valerate is 124.05002381 g/mol.

How many rotatable bonds does Sodium valerate have?

Sodium valerate has 3 rotatable bonds.

Does Sodium valerate have any Isotope Atom?

No, Sodium valerate does not have any Isotope Atom.

Is Sodium valerate a canonical compound?

Yes, Sodium valerate is a canonical compound according to PubChem.

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