Concentrations of Commonly Used Laboratory Reagents

ReagentSpecific Gravity (g/cm3)Approx. % Acid or Base Present in Concentrated Reagent (by weight)Normality of Concentrated Reagent (mol/L)Molecular Weight
Hydrochloric Acid1.183711.636.46
Nitric Acid1.42701663.02
Perchloric Acid1.677011.6100.46
Sulfuric Acid1.849818.498.08
Phosphoric Acid1.69854498
Formic Acid1.2902446.03
Glacial Acetic Acid1.0599.517.460.05
Ammonium Hydroxide0.958 (NH4OH) 29 (NH3)1535.05
Hydrogen Peroxide1.13908.8113.6
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