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As a professional manufacturer of safe storage system, Alfa Chemistry continues to improve one's own strength, expands the product lines and is committed to providing better and more professional services to our customers. Here are our new products. If there is demand, please contact us.

01. Battery Recharging Cabinet

Battery Recharging Cabinet

Description: This product is used for storage and battery recharging of driller and other small sized electric power tools.


  • The fire proof main structure is made of double layers of steel plate, there is recycled air ventilation inside the cabinet. The safety function is realized through automatic alarming system.
  • Lead-free epoxy painting on both inside and outside surfaces with high temperature baking, which is anti-corrosion.
  • LED lights are installed inside the cabinet, and the whole no-glaring lighting system would be on when doors are open and provide average illumination.
  • Each shelf is able to be adjusted freely, and PP trays are set up at bottom of the cabinet, in order to collect the leaked corrosive liquid like electrolytes.
  • Equipped with humidity and temperature system, sound and light alarming system, fire proof recycled ventilation system, leakage proof system and LED no-glaring lighting system.


  • Double layer steel structure (with inspection windows)
Double layer steel structure (with inspection windows)
H×W×D (mm)1800×1000×500
Adjustable shelves (Nos.)4
Load capacity of shelf (kg)30
layer structureDouble
Fan configurationFan is built inside / outside
Door typeWith inspection windows
Without inspection windows
  • Single layer steel structure (without inspection windows)
Single layer steel structure (without inspection windows)
H×W×D (mm)1800×1000×500
Adjustable shelves (Nos.)4
Load capacity of shelf (kg)30
layer structureSingle
Fan configurationFan is built inside / outside
Door typeWithout inspection windows

02. Oily Waste Barrels

Oily Waste Barrels

Size (H*W*D (mm)): 440*425*490.
Capacity: 35L.

Features: It is used for collecting oil-soaked (e.g. combustible solvent, linseed oil, other flammable liquids) rags and cloths to effectively prevent the fire risks.


  • Handle design, easy to carry and emptying.
  • Self-closing lid design to keep it closed when not in use so as to isolate wastes from fire source and limit the amount of oxygen .
  • High-quality galvanized steel structure (0.8mm thick) with epoxy resin coating on both inside and outside walls to make the product more durable and chemical resistant.
  • Pedal design to liberate hands in operation.
  • Different sizes of oil waste can meet the use of different environmental requirements.

03. Biochemical Trash Can

Description: This product is suitable for most hazardous chemicals such as solid waste, solvents, waste wipes, debris and other materials in a short-term manner, in order to prevent spontaneous combustion, and can be used independently or with a chemical-resistant treatment bag.


  • Polyethylene HDPE molding, durable and corrosion resistant. There are two choices of red and yellow colors, with labeling of biochemical hazard.
  • The bucket can store rags or wipes impregnated with solvents, substitutes, linseed oil, flammable adhesives and other flammable liquids.
  • Cover opening of foot control, which is able to close automatically. When it is closed, the contents inside are isolated from the fire source, limited amount of oxygen would prevent the combustion from continuing, and eliminating hidden dangers.
Biochemical Trash Can

Size (H*W*D (mm)): Size (W*D*H (mm)): 419*343*406.
Capacity: 22.5L/6 gallon.

Customer Service

Alfa Chemistry is a global expert of safe storage system that has accumulated strong expertise through our years of effort. Our chemical storage specialists can design and manufacture various outdoor chemicals storage container with different size and specification according to your details of demand. No matter what design ideas you have, we will implement them together with you. If the product you want is not listed in this page, please contact us and one of our team of experts will contact you as soon as possible to help you with professional solutions for the chemical storage.

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