Alfa Chemistry can supply most of the olefinic insect pheromones and have the core technology for the preparation of Z-double bonds, E-double bonds and (Z, E) -conjugated double bonds. In addition, our company can customize a number of insect pheromones with complex structures
We have a unique synthesis of (Z, E) - conjugated diene and E-monoene compounds with innovative techniques that can achieve> 98% isomeric purity. The production of 1, 7-heptanediol, 1, 11-undecanediol and 1, 13-tridecanediolwith low costis a key technique for the synthesis of 7Z-monoene, 11Z-monoene and 11Z-monoene by the Wittig reaction, making the cost of the technique falling sharply and with the value of scale production. Coupled with advanced technology and perfect management, the products of our company have a clear competitive advantage.
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Custom synthesis
Our company can provide custom synthesis services for insect pheromones to meet your specific needs. Customized synthetic services require you to provide information such as the requirements and molecular structure of the compound. We will submit a quotation to you after a study evaluation and followed by further communication consultation.
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